Mi and Kaelynne
Digital Comic Symbolism


The comic is colored in certain parts and
monochrome (black and white) in others. This is to
represent how people sees other people they
doesn’t know as “colorless” (aka flat, boring, and all
the same) while people of their race/they knows, as
well as themselves, are “colorful” (aka deep and
diverse). The lack of color in the background also
symbolize a boring and unrealistic world.

People with monochrome that shows more light will
usually be seen as better/superior/more powerful.
People with monochrome that shows more dark will
usually be seen as inferior/dangerous.

As a result of the discrimination and accepting the
stereotypes, some members of the oppressed group
are losing their colors sometimes becoming darker
to symbolize negative emotions.

The red flames symbolizes anger, hatred, and a
bloody war that destroyed and consumed the real
and diverse cultures of the Middle East
The monochrome flames in the last page symbolizes a bright
future being destroyed by stereotypes and the past/current
world where things are still monochrome.

Monochrome also refers to the past where film are still black
and white, and the races are much more discriminated against
(aka leftovers from past beliefs).

In the poster, the brain and background are full of light and
colors of the world. The skull symbolizes that all humans are the
same underneath their skin, and the brain, because showing
that everyone have a brain, symbolizes open-mindedness,
ability to learn, and see all the colors of the (human) world. The
poster paper is surrounded by white to symbolize the "right
path full of light" humans should take even when in darkness (a
world where racism, sexism, discrimination, etc still exist).

In the foreground is Omid and Rick smiling at each other (only
their heads and necks are shown, so the clothings that would
have indicate their social status and the symbolism of the
clothes are not there, thus allowing them to be visualize as
naked (nothing to hide/protect and equal to each other), both of
whom are fully and brightly colored. They're outlined by white as
though they are glowing among the crowd of people. This
symbolizes that they have escaped the dark fogs of stereotypes
and discrimination, and see each other (and the crowd around
them) as equals.

The library symbolizes the history and knowledge
from the past, so the present story is not happening
in a void. Also the books are red and black,
symbolizing a dark bloody history.

The park, where Omid and Rick become friends again,
symbolizes where they are not affected by history and
can stand as equal, thus can get along. Also, a park is
the most natural place in a city, so "it's (supposed to
be) natural for all humans to be equal." The
"supposed to be" is because a park is not natural
nature, but a nature allowed to flourish or spared
from destruction by human kind.

Cafeteria is a normal place where news, whether true
or false, are exchange in everyday life.


In page 2, although Omid is asked whether he wants
to hang out with Rick or not, thus technically has
rights to decline, Rick got to decide everything about
the plan. This shows that, even when they mean well,
Whites still have more power over oppressed groups.
Additional Symbolism:

May 17 -- “On May 17, 1954, U.S. Supreme
Court Justice Earl Warren delivered the
unanimous ruling in the landmark civil rights
case Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka,
Kansas. State-sanctioned segregation of
public schools was a violation of the 14th
amendment and was therefore
unconstitutional.”  (Source: http://www.
      On this day Rick decided to approach
Omid, who has been excluded from activities
by other kids due to his race.
     The flowers in page 3 are Goldenrod
Flowers (specifically Solidago verna, which
blooms from late April to June). “For many,
these bright blooms symbolize
encouragement and growth. They may be
given to show support after a loss or in a
difficult time. It is often thought that these
flowers can help reduce depression. Another
popular meaning is that this flower can bring
good luck. It can be used in bouquets wishing
good luck or fortune to others. It can be
combined with other flowers that stand for
good luck.
Omid wears a hoodie, symbolizing his desire
to hide/protect himself as a minority. In
contrast, R wears a polo shirt because he
doesn't have to face (violent) discrimination
like Omid does, but have the desire to show
others that he is "openminded" (aka not
racist like white stereotype says). Also a polo
shirt shows more class/formality than a
hoodie, symbolizing that people tend to see
him (Whites) higher class than the minority
due to white supremacy.

The comic has 8 pages. 8 when turned
sideway shows the infinity symbol,
symbolizing that this topic is something to
fight for forever due to its complexity, or that
once accomplished, it’ll last forever. Also, the
infinity symbol in math is sometimes called
the lemniscate, which comes from the Latin
word for “ribbon" (lemniscus), so it can
symbolizes that all humans are connected
Yellow is thought to stand for creativity and
for inspiration in life. For this reason, the
blooms are a good choice for an artistic
path. Solidago arrangements may also
include other creative yellow blooms.”  
(Source: http://flowers.avasflowers.
     This foreshadows their motivation to
create a social justice poster.
“Goldenrod flowers are thought to hold
many symbols – from caution to
encouragement, luck to good fortune. As a
gift, these blossoms are commonly given in
a mixed bouquet, and are mostly presented
to those venturing forth on new, but risky,
ventures.” (Source: http://flowerinfo.
     Fighting for justice is a risky path that
have caused many lives, but eventually
leads to a better world.
Thus whatever one does or think affects
everyone whether subtly or obviously. In
addition, “Infinity comes from the Latin word
"infinitas," meaning boundlessness.”
Although the definition of unbounded is
“having or appearing to have no limits.” The
word bound can also means “place within
certain limits; restrict.” so “unbounded” in
this case means that there is no restriction
placed on minorities because everyone is, or
will be, equal and free.